U-PVC is a new composition consisting of 43% ethylene, which exists in petroleum, and 57% chlorine, which exists in salt. When joined together they form a colourless gas called vinyl chloride (VC). With the addition of oxygen and light the polymerization of this gas takes place, the molecules are joined together to form larger groups of molecules and thus create the PVC material. It is the only modern material which is not made exclusively from petroleum. For the most part, it consists of the inexpensive and inexhaustible in nature, cooking salt. U-PVC is something like an ECONOMICAL WORLD CHAMPION. It saves natural resources, energy, materials, weight, wear and spare parts. From an ecological standpoint, just because its maintenance requirements are minimal it is considered the most precious material.

The implementation of the concept for the use of hard PVC in the construction industry, and in particular in the construction of window frames, started in Germany in the early ‘ 60s. A groundbreaking idea even for German standards, which nevertheless evolved rapidly due to the multiple advantages offered by synthetic U-PVC frames.

Over time, the product spread and is widely used in all developed and developing countries on the planet. This expansion, however, has not been without problems. Other less developed countries entered the manufacturing process of synthetic frames without regard for the quality of the material. Despite the absence of the necessary technical knowledge and with the sole skill their ability to copy, they began the process of producing low quality products, using low price as a sales weapon and with the aim to obtain a quick profit.

A problem which has, unfortunately, began to occur in Cyprus lately. The particular nature of the Cypriot market due to our political situation, makes it an easy target for products and ‘’companies’’ entering the free areas with completely ill meaning purpose. The presentation of a certificate indicating ‘’German Standard’’ aims to mislead. The customers and end-users of the product find themselves exposed and unable to react against materials which do not meet their expectations. It is important to request certificates of German origin (and not German standards) of chosen U-PVC frames which guarantee superior quality hardware. The presence of a professional established in the free regions of the Republic with whom customers choose to work, in conjunction with the European origin of products, safeguard consumers rights in the event they feel that their interests are affected.

As a group of professionals who respect the material but above all respect the customers, we disassociate ourselves from the dubious quality u-PVC frames which have recently appeared in the Cypriot market.